What We Offer

  • Lean analysis of your operation including:
    • A written report with the following
      • Critique of the operation
      • Identification of opportunities for improvement
      • Specific suggestions as to how to address those opportunities
    • A PowerPoint presentation to discuss the methodology and findings and recommendations
  • Plant layout analysis and development
  • Workshops on the various Lean tools
  • Assistance in improving TPM and QA programs
  • Analysis of Supply Chain
    • Purchasing
    • Production planning
    • Logistics
    • Warehouse management
  • Business coaching
    • Strategic business planning development
      • Goal setting and tracking
    • Manufacturing financial analysis
    • Organizational structure
    • Product line retention decisions
    • Continuous improvement
    • Cash flow management
    • Inventory management
    • Asset utilization
  • A network of associate consultants to lend assistance on larger assignments or where their unique skillset will bring value to the project

Let us help you with Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Supply Chain Management.

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