If you are seeking someone to help you benefit from the cost effective application of Lean Manufacturing or, if you need assistance addressing the challenges of managing a manufacturing company in this highly competitive, worldwide economy, you have found the solution.  You will work with someone who has walked in your shoes.  He doesn’t believe in fluff or cookie-cutter approaches.  An experienced set of eyes will analyze your particular business model, product mix and manufacturing process and make recommendations tailored to your specific situation.  Although there are unique aspects to every business, any business with a process can benefit from the application of Lean Manufacturing principles.


Every business needs a strategic business operating plan to achieve sustainable profitable growth.  Without a vision, measurable specific goals and a detailed plan to achieve those goals, a business is doomed to underachievement and disappointment.  As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might not get there”.

Every strategic business plan should include the application of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and/or Lean Supply Chain to address deficiencies and drive continuous improvement throughout the organization.  Lean thinking permits you to not only survive but thrive under different business conditions.

Don’t operate under the misconception that Lean Manufacturing is only for the automotive industry where volumes are larger, variety small and demand somewhat repetitive and predictable.  Lean is for any business, of any size, in any industry.  Wherever there is a process, an opportunity exists to benefit from the application of Lean thinking.  It works in job shops, tool and die, recycling, warehousing, specialty manufacturing, processing industries and machine building.

If you suffer from any of the following, Lean thinking can help.

  • Cash flow issues
  • Excess inventory
  • Long lead times
  • Poor delivery performance
  • Uncompetitive pricing or shrinking margins
  • High indirect labor costs
  • High overhead costs
  • Supply Chain issues
  • Poor quality
  • Excessive machine downtime
  • Long machine changeover times
  • Cramped shop floor
  • Need to build or expand

If you have already committed to a plant expansion or new building, Lean thinking can optimize the utilization of the floor-space while addressing many of the issues listed above.


Guaranteed Results!  Yes, that’s right, guaranteed. What do you have to lose other than the aforementioned expenses?  Don’t delay!  Act now to start your journey to increased profitability. Contact Lean Solutions for answers that work.